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Youth Organization Fundraising 

We will design and print coupon cards with a total value of 40 to 50 dollars. We can use your colors, logos or any other details you would like. You choose the amount you want to sell them for ($10 works best) and keep all the money. Imagine a group of 100 selling 2 each, $2000 for uniforms, equipment or even championship travel expenses. Thats it. 

Email Scott or Dawn to start your fundraising now.


Do You Need To Raise Money
For A Cause?
Do You Want To And Just
Don’t Know How?

5 Reasons Why Stanley’s Is Considered The “Go To” Place To Book Your Fundraiser, Charity Event, Or Party

1. Support & Guidance! 

With doing plenty of events in the past, we have this down to a science. If you need any help on figuring out how to get the word out, how to set up the event, how to get donations from local businesses, or anything else you can think of, Scott and Dawn the owners are willing to help you every step of the way.

2. We Give Back 90% Of The Profits From Food Sales! 

Have you ever been to a business and you’ve seen that they give back 10%-20% of the proceeds to charity? Yea, pretty sad don’t you think? Our goal is to bring you as much profits as possible and we actually donate some of the food to you in order to raise as much money as you need to. We suggest as just one of the ways to raise money is to have a buffet and sell the plates for $6, $8 or $10. We just look to get back $1 per plate, you keep the rest, and you handle the money being brought in. On top of all this we can provide you with multiple other ways to raise more money for your cause besides just the food sales.

3. We Have plenty of room! 

Usually benefits are HUGE. Big turnouts! If you are worried about having enough space, you don’t have to worry here! We’ve hosted some pretty large events. What we’ve seen is a lot of people come and go, they are not all there at one time. So even if you are expecting 100 to 200 people, there will be enough room. Yes, it will be busy. Yes, it will be a bit crowded. But that’s what you want!

4. We Help Promote Your Event For You! 

We have a list of over 3,000 people in our customer database that we stay in touch with on a regular basis. Sending them free offers, updates, and invites. Each month everyone is notified about all our promotions and events, which will help you get even more exposure for your cause. Now don’t think that by us doing this is going to bring you hundreds of people. It won’t! It will attract some people who believe in your cause or charity. If you want to get as many people as you can to help donate to your cause, you need to find focus on family, friends, and supporters of your organization or cause. These are the main people who are going to show but we will do all we can to help promote your benefit to give you the best outcome possible.

5. We’ve Got It All! 

We have all the tables you need to put any raffles prizes on or lower seating for older couples. We’ve got a sound system for any raffles or announcements. If you need to play a DVD of a video, we’ve got that covered for you too! There’s not much that we can’t do for you! Just ask and we can make it happen if it’s in our power!